Adult Fiction

The Art of Being Lewis

Daniel Goodwin

ISBN: 9781770865297
Format: Trade Paperback
5.5" x 8.5"

Publication Date: Sep 29, 2018

FIC019000 FICTION / Literary
FIC000000 FICTION / General
FIC046000 FICTION / Jewish


A story of Jewish boy from Montreal who studies architecture at McGill in the 1980s, moves to Moncton, where he works for a firm headed up by an anglophile who preaches "Dress British, think Jewish." The narrator's world falls apart when the boss dies suddenly, the firm is sued for copyright infringement, the firm is taken over by a British consortium, and he pisses in the park and is seen by a bunch of high school girls and becomes the unknown park exhibitionist.

Lewis’s mother was a painter, but was unstable. His father is a lawyer, for the mob. Lewis hides his Jewishness (the family name is "Morton" and not "Mortinsky") and he sets aside his artistic impulses in favour of being the ideal architect and suburban family man.

Eventually, he finds the courage to be himself, not shy away from his Jewishness, and to engage with the artistic impulse inherited from his mother.