Adult Non-fiction

Hooked on Canadian Books

Subtitle: The Good, the Better, and the Best Canadian Novels since 1984

T.F. Rigelhof

ISBN: 9781897151754
Format: Hardcover
6.37" x 9.30"

Publication Date: Apr 10, 2010


“A perfect book of lists: on almost every page, there’s something to nod along to or something to quibble about, or both, and – often enough to keep a reader awake – something that makes you want to throw it at a wall.”

“A series of insightful (at times incendiary) arguements and observations about the Canadian novel that will perhaps raise the level of literary debate in Canada.”
The Globe and Mail

“There’s always a lot of talk about the desirability of a more informed literary debate in this country. The chief obstacle is simply that so few people are informed, have done the necessary legwork, put in ‘the time’ that someone like Rigelhof has. It is that foundation that makes Hooked on Canadian Books so valuable a resource and such an essential part of an ongoing conversation.”
Toronto Star

“An enlightening voyage across the country, from the brightest to the most obscure components of the canon … not only fills a void, it also draws attention to so many little-known talents that a curious reader may, upon picking up one of their books, discover a favourite author they had never heard of.”
Westmount Examiner

“Whether you agree with Rigelhof’s opinions about literature and the arguments in his reviews, the book will help you get re-acquainted with the great names in literature … and introduce you to a whole host of writers who are just waiting to be discovered.”
The Lindsay Post

“The best work of literary criticism ever written in Canada, and a literary masterpiece in its own right … It is a joyful book, and it communicates its joy in every sentence … Hooked on Canadian Books deserves to be in every Canadian reader’s library.”


Having been a contributing reviewer for The Globe and Mail for more than twenty years, T.F. Rigelhof knows good literature. Hooked on Canadian Books is a conversational survey of the novels published since 1984 he deems to be "the good, the better, and the best." In addition to his readings of well-known Canadian writers, he brings the work of newer and lesser-known voices to more deserving attention, relates personal moments shared with his picks, details his relationship with the Montreal bookstore that got him hooked in the first place, all while defending Canadian literature from stereotypes, celebrating its successes, and promoting its future. Perfect for book clubs.