Adult Non-fiction

What's Law Got to Do With It?

Subtitle: The Law, Specialized Courts and Domestic Violence in Canada

Jane Ursel
Leslie M. Tutty
Janice leMaistre

ISBN: 9781897151297
Format: Trade Paperback
6.02" x 8.97"

Publication Date: Oct 01, 2008

SOC025000 SOCIAL SCIENCE / Social Work


In the past two decades, public awareness of domestic violence has increased dramatically, and established institutions have been called upon to alter their practices and improve their response to domestic violence. What’s Law Got to Do With It? examines changes in the Canadian justice system from the introduction of protection order legislation, to family law, to changes in criminal court procedures.

From the Yukon to downtown Toronto, specialized domestic violence courts are exploring new strategies to aid victims and hold perpetrators accountable. In What’s Law Got to Do With It? we learn from the perspective of prosecutors, victims, and researchers of the efficacy of these changes. The authors present recent, original research on the impact of specialized courts, the utilization of protection orders, and questions about custody in family violence cases.