Adult Fiction

Louder Than the Sea

Wayne Bartlett

ISBN: 9781896951287
Format: Trade Paperback
5.53" x 8.47"

Publication Date: Mar 21, 2003

FIC019000 FICTION / Literary
FIC047000 FICTION / Sea Stories


Wayne Bartlett’s Louder Than the Sea is an ice-rimed foray into Newfoundland’s outports. A harsh, sharp-eyed, occasionally hilarious novel, it shirks much of the mawkish reverence that plagues so much Atlantic fiction in favour of a style packed with luminous detail and the lilt of Newfoundland speech.

Martin Bellman, the youngest son of a family forced to abandon their tiny home port (located on a mere rock known as Sacred Island) and settle in a larger village on Newfoundland proper, is finding it difficult to adjust to his new home. Fourteen years old, he fights with his friends, gets expelled from school, and shows all the signs of turning into a career ne’er-do-well. In the midst of the seal hunt, Martin decides to return to Sacred Island, only to be stranded there to face the elements in arduous isolation.