Adult Fiction

Queen's Court

Edward O. Phillips

ISBN: 9781896332222
Format: Trade Paperback
5.13" x 7.59"

Publication Date: Mar 13, 2007

FIC019000 FICTION / Literary

"Phillips offers diversions, good humour, some entertaining scenes, a few pungent apercus and a sideways glance at the human condition."
—Carol Shields, The Globe and Mail

“Wonderfully witty and captivatingly clever writing … Time and time again I found myself breaking into a grin, nodding at the cleverness of a turn of phrase or passage, at the insight into human nature … Queen’s Court is funny … the kind of book you can’t wait to share.”
The Whig-Standard


Louise Bingham, recently widowed in her mid-sixties, decides to “play the tape backwards” and move from Victoria to Montreal, returning to the city of her birth and youth. Newly installed in a downtown co-op, she has to fend off a well-meaning but officious cousin, an overbearing neighbour, and a former lover while making discoveries about her son by a former marriage. In coping, she discovers that Montreal is not the Emerald City.

Queen’s Court is vintage Edward O. Phillips, a good companion on a cold night or a sunny day at the cottage.