Adult Fiction

The Black Peacock

Rachel Manley

ISBN: 9781770865082
Format: Trade Paperback
5.5" x 8.125"

Publication Date: Oct 14, 2017

FIC019000 FICTION / Literary
FIC014000 FICTION / Historical

The Black Peacock is languidly told, with two duelling voices that play off each other.

Quill & Quire


Friends since attending university in Jamaica, Lethe and Daniel have long realized they would never be good for each other. But Lethe is Daniel's muse, and theirs is a connection that proves unbreakable as they spend the next thirty years crisscrossing the Caribbean and travelling the world in search of work, love, and home. Now, Daniel has become an internationally renowned prize-winning poet, and Lethe aspires to be a writer in her own right. His invitation to her to join him at an isolated retreat, Peacock Island, gives them both a chance to reflect on the life they've shared.

The debut novel by Governor General's Literary Award-winning author Rachel Manley, The Black Peacock is the story of two unforgettable characters, adrift on the ever-changing tides of the Caribbean, who are united by something less than passion but more than love.